Shopkins Season 5 – 12 Pack


You can purchase the Shopkins Season 5 12 Pack at

If your little girls are a fan of cute collectables, then the Shopkins series might be exactly what you are looking for. Shopkins Season 5 is here, and with the new 12 Pack you can expand your Shopkins collection. Each Shopkins 12 pack comes with 10 cute, squishy Shopkins. Wait a second. You said that this new Shopkins play set was a 12 pack! Where are the other two missing Shopkins?

Don’t worry, there aren’t any missing Shopkins. The 12 Pack Shopkins play set includes two mystery Shopkins. The best part about collecting toys is the thrill of opening mystery packs. The thought of being able to receive an ultra-rare Shopkins is a nice thrill. Aside from the 12 Shopkins included in the set you also receive two bonus charms. Shopkins Season 5 is here, and what a better way to start off your collection than with 12 unique Shopkins! The Shopkins Season 5 12 Pack is $10.99 MSRP, and is for kids ages 5 – 15.

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