DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn Action Doll


A simple woman working a difficult job when a “bad boy” comes in and changes her life. Can you guess who this woman and man could be? You’ve guessed right! Harley Quinn and the Joker! Harley Quinn wasn’t always crazy and evil, but when she heard the Joker’s story, she fell in love. This changed her life dramatically. She was abused and used by the joker, but she never stopped loving him. Her life wasn’t the only thing that changed; she also changed her clothes! In the DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Action Doll, you can see Harley wears shorts, tights, a mask, a tight shirt, and platform shoes. To match her outfit, she has red and blue streaks dyed into her hair. Also, how can a bad guy be bad without a weapon! With this doll, Harley comes with a hammer. How can the guys not resist her in this outfit! You can get this doll from amazon.com for $19.99. You can also watch Harley Quinn in the new movie Suicide Squad on August 5th, 2016.

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