Finding Dory 10″ Hank Plush

Finding Hank

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Hank is one of the many characters that played a major role in the new finding Dory movie. Even though he may not be the cutest critter in the sea he does have a soft heart, three to be exact! Hank and Dory became close friends in the movie, and now you can become close friends with your very own Hank Plush. The Finding Dory 10” Hank Plush is a great addition to any Finding Dory collection. You can use Hank to recreate all of your favorite scenes from the movie. After you’re done venturing the oceans with Hank you can turn him into the perfect huggable toy for your kid’s bed times. Hank is for kids that are one month and older, and is $12.99 MSRP.

Finding Hank 2

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