LEGO Minecraft The Wither playset


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Steve is on another adventure, and this time he is in quite the predicament! In the LEGO Minecraft Wither playset Steve needs your help to defeat the Wither and the evil Wither Skeletons.

First, Steve will need to examine his surroundings since he isn’t back at home with all of the lovely green grass, and miles of clear blue sky. Rather, he is stuck in the nether fortress filled with lava and evil creatures. You can use the TNT launcher to blow up the surrounding area. That should help Steve against the Wither Skeletons. Unfortunately, the Wither Skeletons aren’t the only thing in Steve’s way. The Wither himself is also on a rampage, and you need to stop this monster. Put on your helmet, body armor, and grab your sword because the Wither is headed your way! You can use your gear to defend yourself against this fearsome enemy. Steve has all the equipment and tools needed to defeat the Wither and his army of skeletons. Now all he needs is a little help from you to defeat such a fearsome opponent! The LEGO Minecraft The Wither playset is for kids ages 8 and up, comes with 318 LEGO pieces, and is $39.99 MSRP.

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