New Splashlings Toys


Dive into a new adventure with the new toy Splashlings, originally made from the Pound Puppies. Splashlings toys come with over 100 items to collect. As of right now, Splashlings toys are available

  • Splashlings Foil Bag
  • Splashlings Collector’s Shell
  • Splashlings 6 Pack
  • Splashlings 12 Pack
  • Splashlings Medical Centre Play Set
  • Splashlings Coral Playground Playset

Check out Splashlings trackers.

Product Descriptions:

Splashlings is a beautiful line of collectible characters from under the sea with amazing personalities and phenomenal imaginative play for girls. Splashlings features collectibles that include mermaids, treasures, gems and Splashlings who serve as their pets.

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