LEGO Angry Birds Piggy Car Escape


You can check out the LEGO Angry Birds Piggy Car Escape tracker HERE!

The pigs are at it again, and this time Chuck is the one to save the day. In the new LEGO Angry Birds Piggy Car Escape you can help Chuck use his super speed to catch up to the egg stealing pig. Careful though because the pigs didn’t come empty handed. The evil pigs have loaded all of the stolen eggs onto their ice cream shooting car!

The Piggy Car comes equipped with two exhaust pipes, a handy holding spot for the eggs, four wheels, and an ice cream shooter! You can use Chuck’s incredible speed to outrun the Piggy car and dodge the ice cream missiles! The eggs are in danger, and Chuck is the only one that can save them! Can you help Chuck, or will the pigs make another omelet out of the little baby eggs? You can decide by recreating all of your favorite scenes from the movie, or make up new scenes in the new LEGO Piggy Car Escape playset.

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