Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane


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Is it a bird? A Plane? Or is it a helicopter…? Wait it’s a HELI-PLANE! Well it’s not actually called a heli-plane, it’s just something I made up, but the new Paw Patrol Patroller Plane is both a helicopter and a plane! So, I guess it is technically a heli-plane, right?
This new Paw Patrol toy has all of the cool features, and effects anyone would want in a new toy. First, you can change the propellers on the toy to either a vertical, or horizontal position. This is what transforms the Air Patroller plane from a helicopter, into a jet! You can also manually rotate the propellers to simulate the plane taking off. The Air Patroller also has built in lights and sound effects. This makes simulating a flight entertaining for kids of all ages. Finally, you can open up the cockpit to place your Robopup inside. No plane, or helicopter is complete without a pilot, so having a usable cockpit always helps with playability. The Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane is on a mission to save anyone in need, but it can’t take flight without the help from an experienced pilot! That pilot could be you! The Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane is not for kids under the age of three as it contains small pats, and is $34.99 MSRP.

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