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Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed

Last holiday Max Tow Truck was one of the hottest toys. This year, Max Tow Truck company is introducing a new version called “Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed”. He is the hardest working truck that will push, pull and climb over just about any obstacle. It can push or pull up to 200 pounds and now includes a turbo speed option! Max Tow Truck now comes with a new turbo mode and can go even faster than the previous version. Shift him for Turbo speed and watch him go! If there’s an obstacle in his way, Max will switch to power mode and move it. Max has over 50 sounds & phrases. He comes with red or blue color. Price is $59.99.

Recommend using rechargeable batteries.

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Exploding Kittens Card Game


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Its basically Russian Roulette, but with exploding kittens! Wait what? Exploding kittens? Russian Roulette? How are these two even related?

Exploding Kittens is a card game that is basically Russian roulette, but with cards. Each player draws a card until someone picks up an exploding kitten! These kittens can be defused, passed around, or avoided by picking up other cards. Unfortunately, luck runs out, and only one player can remain! The game includes 56 cards, a box, and instructions. It’s an easy to learn game, for 2 – 5 players. Each card in the game has cute drawings each illustrated by Oatmeal. So, if you are into crazy cats exploding, and Russian roulette style games then Exploding Kittens is something you may want to take a look at! This game is for kids ages 7+, and is $20.00.

Exploding Kittens How To Play Video:


Paw Patrol Bath Paddlin Pup Rocky


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It’s that time of day where your kids need to clean up in a good old fashion bathtub! Some kids love to bathe, others not so much. If you’re one of the unlucky folk who have naughty, and stinky, kids then Paw Patrol have a little treat for you! The Paw Patrol Bath Paddlin Pup Rocky is a fun wind up toy that will turn any boring bath time into some fun playtime! These fun little wind up toys float in water, and require no batteries. Just grab your Rocky figure, wind him up, and watch him go!

Rocky is wearing a green life jacket, and is sitting down on his comfy, orange float. It looks like it is bath time once again, and this time it wont be a chore, but instead a fun activity with the Paw Patrol Bath Paddlin Pup Rock! Rocky is for kids ages 36 months – 8, and is $11.99 MSRP