500 Water Balloons with 10% Profits Going to Charity


you can purchase these water balloons at amazon.com

Water balloons have been, and always will be one of the classic “fun in the sun” activities! Now you can purchase 500 Water Balloons at Amazon before the summer ends. These water balloons come in multiple colors, and they have no foul odor or chemical powder coatings. Uplifting Balloons, the company selling these water balloons, has also stated that 10% of the all the profits made will be donated to an orphanage in Uganda! So, not only will you be having a killer time throwing water balloons at your family and friends, but you can also be happy with the sense that these water balloons may have saved a young life over in Uganda! Helping unfortunate people, and having fun while doing it, that is definitely a win win situation! The water balloons are for kids ages 8+, and is $9.98 at Amazon.

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