Gox the Dashing Mustache Mixel


You can purchase Gox at shop.lego.com

Gox is not just any ordinary LEGO Mixel. Gox is a Mixel of privilege, and feels as though he deserves to be treated as such. He has an elegant, golden mustache, and large, posable hands. If you want to have a good time then Gox is your kind of friend. Gox knows how to have a good time with any of his Mixel friends. He can be a bit condescending, but who wouldn’t be if they had a golden mustache?

Gox comes with a few playable features. He has a rotating eye, posable hands, and movable legs. You can also angle his mustache to make it look dashing, or you can make it look like Gox is having one of those bad hair days! He’s cool, stylish, and always ready to party with any of his Mixel friends! Gox is for kids ages 6+, comes with 62 LEGO pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP.

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