Jinky the Boxing Mixel


You can purchase Jinky at shop.lego.com

Jinky, which, oddly enough, sounds like Junky, is everything Jinky ISN’T! Sure he is an aging Mixel straight out of a junkyard, but trust me when I say that this Mixel isn’t afraid to throw a haymaker or two if he is in danger. His youthful days may be over, but his experience is only growing. He continues to learn, and adapt in the ever-changing Mixel world.

Once there are no threats present, Jinky turns into a chill, and relaxed Mixel. Jinky is a great friend willing to protect all he cares about with his old school, heavy metal boxing skills! Jinky is for kids ages 6+, comes with 59 LEGO pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP.

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