Turg the Long Tongue Mixel


You can purchase Turg at shop.lego.com

If you thought Tungster had a long tongue, then Turg is about to put him to shame, because Turg the LEGO Mixel has the longest tongue in the Lixers tribe. This creepy little critter is part frog, and part chicken. He is slow, and lazy, but why would you need to move around when your tongue can do all the heavy lifting for you. Turg is a bright orange color, has two floppy looking arms, and one long tongue.

His one lazy eye says it all. That lazy eye represents his lazy personality. Turg is slow, sluggish, and sloppy with nothing on his mind, and no plans to be productive. Turg is for kids ages 6+, comes with 56 LEGO Pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP.

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