Spugg is a Man’s Best Friend


You can purchase Spugg at shop.lego.com

Spugg the Mixel is a cute, and curious little fellow. He has four legs, a small tail, and a rotating head. These features make Spugg look sort of like a dog! Just like any dog, Spugg is always on guard. He is aggressive towards strangers, but once you get to know him he is kind and gentle.

Spugg enjoys roaming around the Mixel universe to discover new things. Just like Tungster, he has no limit to the places he will go, the only difference is that he can’t fly. This curious little Mixel is a loyal and protective friend! He is perfect for any LEGO Mixels collection. Spugg is for kids ages 6+, comes with 51 LEGO Pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP.

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