Washable Crayons from Crayola


You can purchase these washable crayons at amazon.com

Whenever I think of Crayola I always think of a rainbow. I mean how could you not? Crayola is all about adding color! Crayons are one of the most popular coloring tools out there, and Crayola has always been on top of their game with these coloring utensils.

I remember the days when crayons used to be a pain to scrub out of any surface. Now Crayola has new washable crayons that aren’t a hassle to clean up. You can buy anywhere between 16 – 864 crayons! Each pack comes with 16 crayons. There is a 1 pack, 2 pack, 36 pack (with 16 crayons per pack), or a 36 pack (with 24 crayons per pack) that you can purchase. The price may vary depending on the pack you purchase. The one pack of 16 crayons will retail for $6.99 MSRP. This makes every crayon worth, roughly, forty-four cents each. Crayons used to be a wonderful past time for kids, but a pain to clean up for parents. Now, crayons are still a great way to keep your kids engaged, but this time without all of the hard cleaning that old crayons used to make!

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