Keep Your House Clean and Your Kids Happy with Crayola Ultra-Clean Markers


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School is almost here, which means that school supplies are about to be in high demand. Don’t wait around until the last minute to do all of your school shopping. At Amazon, or Walmart you can purchase a variety of different school supplies that your kids will need, or may enjoy. The Crayola Ultra-Clean Broadline Classic Washable Markers (10 Count) is the perfect way to start your kids off for the school year. There are always coloring activities in elementary school, and with the Crayola Ultra-Clean markers your kids can brighten up their pictures without creating a huge mess. You can wash these markers off any surface! Skin, tables, and even painted walls will remain clean with these markers. The best part, too, is that these markers won’t empty out your wallet. They retail for $7.99 MSRP. That makes each marker in the set, roughly, 80 cents. Markers are a great alternative to electronic play, and what better way to do it than with Ultra-Clean markers, just incase your kids decide to have a little too much fun!

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