LEGO Minecraft The Snow Hideout has an Exploding Creeper


You can check out the LEGO Minecraft Snow Hideout with our zoolert tracker

Steve has just built himself a cozy little snow base. Life seems to be in order until a creeper decides to stroll by. Help Steve defend his base in the all-new LEGO Minecraft Snow Hideout playset. This playset features three minifigures. These minifigures are Steve, a creeper, and a snow golem.

The main attraction for this playset is the snow hideout. The snow hideout has a few playable features, which will make living out in the artic a bit more enjoyable. First the snow golem has two blasters for arms. These blasters are supposed to represent the snow golem throwing snowballs. The blasters are able to shoot out tiny LEGO pieces at the creeper. The other playable feature is you can make the ground near the snow hideout explode just as if a creeper has just blown up there. A special LEGO piece can be activated to make a couple of LEGO blocks go flying through the air. These blocks can easily be put back together so that you can continuously blow up the ground with your creeper! Finally, the snow hideout is built with some hinges so that you can access the inside of the building. Help Steve save his hideout from the dangerous creeper in the new LEGO Minecraft Snow Hideout playset. This playset is for kids ages 8 – 15, comes with 327 LEGO pieces, and is $34.99 MSRP.

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