LEGO Minecraft The Nether Fortress has a Shooting Ghast


You can check out the zoolert tracker for the LEGO Minecraft Nether Fortress playset!

The Nether is a dangerous place filled with devious creatures. If you can over power these creatures then the treasure at the end of the Nether could be all yours. In the all-new LEGO Minecraft Nether Fortress playset Steve and Alex are on an adventure to find the hidden treasure. The playset comes with five minifigures. These minifigures include Alex, Steve, a Ghast, Blaze, and Zombie Pigman.

Once you have activated your Nether portal Alex, and Steve can take the portal into a whole new dimension. The Nether Fortress is filled with traps, and a fire shooting Ghast. Once you enter the fortress a lever will allow you to access a lava trap. The trap will send dangerously hot lava down on your enemies. Once you’ve made it past the lava you can head over towards the fire shooting Ghast. This Ghast can actually shoot out fire when it feels threatened. Once the threat has been neutralized you can change the Ghast’s face to show that it is no longer aggravated. The Nether fort is also built on two hinges which means that it can easily be moved to suit your play habits. The Nether is a dangerous place filled with amazing loot. Are you, Steve, and Alex ready to take on the Nether? Or will the Nether consume you and your Minecraft friends? The Minecraft Nether Fortress is for kids ages 8 – 15, comes with 571 LEGO pieces, and is $79.99 MSRP.

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