LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon has Spawning Zombies


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Steve is out on another adventure to find hidden treasures buried underneath the dirt, sand, and cobblestone. This time Steve has found himself in a scary dungeon where zombies are popping up out of nowhere! LEGO Minecraft: The Dungeon is one of the new LEGO Minecraft playsets that will surely leave you and Steve at the edge of your seat. The Dungeon comes with three minifigures. These minifigures include Steve, and two zombies.

The LEGO Minecraft Dungeon playset is no ordinary playset. The Dungeon has a few tricks up its sleeve that will leave you jumping up and down. First, the playset has a mini rotating spawner. This spawner doesn’t actually spit out zombies like it does in the game, but it does add to the overall look of the Dungeon. I mean what kind of dungeon wouldn’t have a zombie spawner? The zombie spawner may not spawn zombies, but the Dungeon can still magically make zombies appear! The Dungeon playset has a tiny movable wall that can easily flip over zombies. This tiny, moveable wall can store one zombie minifigure, and can have them flip over in a blink of an eye. This feature makes it seem as if zombies are spawning into the dungeon. Steve is on another adventure, but watch out because the zombies have grown restless and you are their next target! LEGO Minecraft: The Dungeon is for kids ages 8 – 15, comes with 219 LEGO pieces, and is $19.99 MSRP.

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