LEGO Minecraft the Desert Outpost with a Working TNT Cannon


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The skeletons are right outside your outpost, and they are shooting arrows all over the place. Thank goodness Steve, Alex, and their tamed wolf are prepared for these kinds of encounters. In the all-new LEGO Minecraft Desert Outpost playset you can take control of your base with a TNT cannon, and a waterslide sneak attack! The Desert Outpost comes with five minifigures, Alex, Steve, two skeletons, and a tamed wolf.

The Outpost playset, like I mentioned earlier, has a few tricks that will help you keep your base safe. First, there is a mini waterslide that Steve can use to sneak out the back of the base, and pop out for a surprise attack on the skeletons. The other main defense for the outpost is a TNT cannon. The TNT cannon can shoot TNT blocks that will blow the skeletons away. Not only can you shoot a TNT block, but once the TNT hits the ground you can push down a LEGO piece that will make a hole in the ground. This adds some nice play ability to the overall playset. Finally, the playset has hinges so that you can access the house, and base with ease. The Skeletons are trying to break in, but Steve, Alex, and their killer wolf are ready to take them on with their TNT cannon, and surprise attacks! LEGO Minecraft The Desert Outpost is for kids ages 8 – 15, comes with 519 LEGO pieces, and is $59.99 MSRP.

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