Star Wars Battlefront New 10 v 10 Game Mode is a Blast!


Star Wars Battlefront is probably my most anticipated game this year, and it is something I am absolutely dying to get my hands on. After seeing the E3 trailer I really thought Battlefront couldn’t get any better, but I was wrong… oh so wrong! EAStarWars posted on their Twitter page that they have a new game mode that is in every classic FPS game, but with a Star Wars twist, obviously. This game mode is a 10 v 10 all guns a blazing deathmatch. This means that if you’re tired of the insane AT-AT combat you can always switch over to some good old team deathmatch to cool off. Now keep in mind that because there are no vehicles the maps will be a lot smaller. This should come as no surprise. I mean Dice has been know to shrink the maps in their Battlefield games, as well, to create faster paced games. It’s the Imperials vs. the Rebels in an all out gunfight! Will you join forces with the Rebels, or will the dark side take over?

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