LEGO Dimensions has a Storyline to Follow


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Did you know that LEGO Dimensions is more than just random LEGO characters all coming together to do random stuff? Yeah it was a bit of a shocker when LEGO released this trailer because in all honesty I was expecting the game to be some open world environment where all you do is collect different LEGO figures to join your team, and to go around the world doing small side quests. The Official LEGO Dimensions Story Trailer: Worlds Collide seems to portray how the story in the game may fan out.

The trailer shows off the main antagonist as a man looking for power. It is unclear if he wants to take over the world, but he did mention something about universes colliding. So, I can only assume that after the collisions have occurred that he will take it over. This evil mastermind is names Lord Vortech. He lives on an ancient planet that is at the center to all of the LEGO Universes. This planet has the power to control all other LEGO Universes. I mean this is an evil guy living on an all-powerful planet! What could possibly go wrong? You can check out the LEGO Dimensions Worlds Collide trailer down below, and let us know what you think about this LEGO Dimensions Story Line.

LEGO Dimensions: Worlds Collide Story Trailer

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