LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle Playset


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The final battle between Ant-Man and the Yellowjacket is about to take place, and you can be the mastermind behind it all in the new LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle playset! This playset comes with three minifigures. These minifigures include Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, and Hank PYM. Each minifigure is extremely detailed, and all of the designs on each minifigure are printed on. The play set also includes large Red and Yellow bricks. These bricks can be used to test out the jumper. The jumper is a small transparent LEGO piece that minifigures can stand on which allows them to go flying into the air! One small flick is all you’ll need to make your minifgures take flight. Finally, the playset also has a huge flying Ant that Ant-Man can ride. The ant can easily move its limbs, head, wings, and abdomen. The wings on the ant are also a printed design rather than a sticker. Ant-Man needs your help to stop Yellowjacket! Does Ant-Man have the ability to stop this evil foe? Or will Yellowjacket rise to the top and crush our beloved hero? The LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle playset is for kids ages 6 – 12, and is $19.99 MSRP.

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