The Witcher 3 Free DLC Adds New Finishers to the Game


If you want some more gruesome, and killer finishers in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, then CD Projekt Red has got something special to offer you. Later this week a new, and free DLC will be hitting the Witcher 3 for all platforms. These finishers include some crazy, slow mo body slashes, and some epic takedowns. Finishers always add a little extra spice to any good game, and CD Projekt Red has definitely spiced up the combat in the Withcer 3 with this upcoming DLC. Unfortunately, CD Projekt Red has also announced that sometime next week the final free DLC will be distributed. Now this doesn’t mean that the Witcher 3 won’t be getting anymore DLC. In fact CD Projeckt Red has begun to talk about upcoming paid expansions. Sure these expansions may cost you some extra bling, but there are bound to be some crazy surprises with these paid expansions.

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