Stuart the Talking Minion Toy


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It’s Stuart, the guitar playing, fire hydrant loving minion from the new Minions movie. Stuart was one of the special three minions hand picked to help find a new evil master for the entire minions clan. Now you can have your very own Stuart figure! Minion Stuart comes with one talking figure, and a special guitar. Stuart has poseable limbs, and movable hair. Now what makes this Stuart toy unique is his ability to talk. Whenever you lean his big yellow head back, or forward his eyes blink, and he begins to talk. Stuart has various phrases all in his minion language. Stuart also has other interactions when you press his stomach, or whenever you turn his head side to side. The coolest interaction Stuart has, though, is with his guitar. Just take the guitar’s power cord and plug it into Stuart. Once the power cord is plugged in Stuart will begin to sing! Stuart is a super special minion that you can now have all to yourself. Stuart the talking Minion is for kids ages 4 – 25, and is $34.99 MSRP.

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