LEGO Dimensions Introduces Portal 2

LEGO-Dimensions-Portal-2-nwm 2

Portal and LEGO seem like an odd couple, but after watching this LEGO Dimensions trailer you may change your mind. The LEGO Dimensions: E3 Portal Trailer gives everyone a better idea of how the LEGO Toy Pad interacts with the video game, and it also confirms that Portal 2 will be apart of the LEGO Dimensions series. Through this trailer we can see that size is one of the many things that the LEGO toy pad can change in game. Moving your minifigure around the toy pad will cause your in-game figure to change sizes. This can all be used to help you solve puzzles, and move through the crazy world of LEGO Dimensions. All of this is just another reason why we here at zoolert are looking forward to this new product! You can check out the LEGO Dimensions: E3 Portal Trailer below.

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LEGO Dimensions – E3 Portal Trailer:

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