It Looks Like Black Ops III Is Official!


If you are interested in the new Call of Duty Black Ops III game, then boy do I have some good news for you. Call of Duty has released an official trailer for this game. Now, instead of watching the Black Ops III teaser over and over again, there is finally some more footage of the game that you can analyze. Overall, the game has some interesting features. There was wall running, and some sort of robot control. In the video the player places his hand up in the air as a drone flies by, and the drone is now under the player’s command. Features like this could really make the game exciting. Now I am not going to ruin anymore surprises for all of you Call of Duty fans out there, but the last thing I will say is that there is a little teaser at the end of the video which reveals everyone favorite game mode from the Black Ops series. If you’re a Call of Duty Black Ops fan, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Black Ops III Trailer:

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