Black Ops III Is Coming!


Is it true? Am I really hearing this correctly? A new Black ops game is coming out? If you’re skeptical about the possibility that a Black Ops III game is on the way, then I am here to change your mind. A new teaser video has just been uploaded, and so far all we know is that a “world reveal” for this game will happen on April 26, 2015. Not much happens in the trailer. Numbers and letters fly around the screen as an audio is played in the back. These numbers and letters eventually fade away, and the familiar black and orange Roman numeral two pops up on the screen. From here the Roman numeral begins to split and the Roman numeral for the number three appears. But, are you ready for another Black Ops game? Or was Black Ops 2 as far as Treyarch should’ve gone? Comment down below to let us Know! You can also check out the teaser for yourself by clicking on the video down below.

Black Ops III Teaser:

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