Star Wars LEGO Hailfire Droid


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It looks like another battle has broken out between the droids, and the clone troopers. This time a lieutenant clone trooper has been faced up against two super battle droids, and a hailfire droid. In the all-new LEGO Star Wars Hailfire Droid play set; you have the power to control your very own hailfire droid. Help the droid army crush the clones with this unique droid. The hailfire droid has the ability to shoot missiles from the back line. These droids can easily take down troops, and vehicles without every taking a scratch. The Star Wars LEGO Hailfire Droid comes equipped with 4 spring-loaded shooters, and two movable/adjustable wheels. Will the clone army stand a chance against this dangerous new weapon? Or, will the hailfire droid destroy any clone that stands in its way? You can decide in the new Star Wars LEGO Hailfire Droid! This play set is for kdis ages 7 – 12, comes with 163 pieces, and is $19.99 MSRP.

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