LEGO MIXELS Infernites


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They might look like scary, fire breathing monsters on the outside, but the Infernites tribe is filled with fun and energetic LEGO MIXELS! Meltus is the scary looking T-Rex LEGO MIXEL. He might look like a scary dinosaur, but really he is just a shy sweetheart that is allergic to everything. His allergies make him sneeze red-hot flames! Flamzer is deadly fast, but don’t worry because he is just as friendly as any LEGO MIXEL from the Infernites tribe. Finally, we have Burnard. This LEGO MIXEL is all about laughing! He enjoys laughing so hard that he belches fire! These ferocious looking LEGO MIXELS may look deadly, but really they are just looking for some new friends! The LEGO MIXELS Infernites are for kids ages 6+, and is $14.97 MSRP.

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