LEGO MIXELS That Glow In The Dark!


You can purchase the LEGO MIXELS Glowkies at

No cave is too dark for the LEGO MIXELS Glowkies. These glow in the dark LEGO MIXELS have the power to light up any dark area with ease. The Glowkies collection includes Globert, Vampos, and Boogly. Globert features a glow-in-the dark cyclops eye, and teeth. His eyes are so bright that is can dazzle any audience! Next is Vampos. Vampos has glow-in-the dark eyes, and fangs. Vampos can fly, and use his glow-in-the dark eyes to see into any dark cave. Finally, we have Boogly. This LEGO MIXEL has glow-in-the dark eyes. He can see perfectly no matter how dark it is with his crazy glowing eyes. The Glowkies are a unique group of MIXELS that are never afraid of the dark. The Glowkies are for kids ages 6+, and is $14.97 MSRP.

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