LEGO MIXELS Orbitons Collection


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They’re smart, high-tech LEGO MIXELS from the tribe of Orbiton. Rotik, Niksput, and Nurp-Naut are LEGO MIXELS that live far-out on a distance moon. These LEGO MIXELS have skills of their own they like to show off. Rokit is a trooper in the group. He is a hard-hitting MIXEL that never backs down. Niksput is the chraming MIXEL that can fly with his adjustable wings. Nurp-Naut is the MIXEL that can see 360 degrees with his rotating head. With all three of these LEGO MIXELS you can create the ultimate cosmic MAX, or you could build your very own unique LEGO MIXEL. With the LEGO MIXELS you can create monsters, or heroes in the LEGO MIXEL universe. Once you’re done playing with your LEGO MIXELS you can head over to Cartoon Network to check out the LEGO MIXELS TV show, or you can play the MIXELS RUSH mobile game! The LEGO MIXELS Orbitons play set is for kids ages 6+, and is $14.97 MSRP.

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