LEGO Parisian Restaurant (10243)


Have you ever wanted to open your very own restaurant? If you have, you should check out the LEGO Parisian Restaurant. This set is very detailed from the top of the roof to the sidewalk. Your LEGO customers can sit outside and smell the flowers, or sit inside and watch the chef cook. Your LEGO people can also go to the second floor where there is an apartment. You can let your imagination flow, and play house with all your characters. The top floor is where the creativity comes to life with the artist’s studio. Your artist can paint pictures, while looking out the window. This set can be displayed or played with. The LEGO Parisian Restaurant comes with five minifigures, a rat, two clams, a lot of kitchen utensils, pull-down bed, heater, easel, palette, artwork, paint brush, scooter, bus stop, sidewalk, dumpster, trash cans, a lot of food and drinks. This set has 2469 pieces and cost $159.99. Check it out at



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