New Dungeons and Dragons Said To Be Released Sometime In 2015


A new Dungeons and Dragons game is coming to the PC in 2015. For all of you Dungeons and Dragons fans this is some pretty killer news! Sword Coast Legends has stated that the game will allow up to four players in a cooperative adventure (all managed in real-time by the human dungeon masters). This will allow players like you and I jump into the game with ease. You and your friends can go on adventures to gather loot, and to explore the Sword Coast. The game doesn’t need to be all about multiplayer gameplay. There is still a traditional single player mode that allows users to go on missions alone, or with allies recruited within the game. Not much has been said about the game, but more news will surely follow as the year progresses. Hopefully, more news will arrive soon as our fingers begin to twitch, and our gaming mouses long for a new game. The new Dungeon and Dragons game will be released on Steam and other digital distribution platforms sometime in 2015.


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