LEGO Friends Vet Collection


Have you ever wanted to become a vet? If you have, you should check out LEGO’s new collection! The Vet Collection is a new and fun way to take care of animals. The animals included in this set are a cat, dog, puppy, hedgehog, three bunnies (one mom and two babies), and a foal. Help Emma and Mia take care of all the animals in the Vet Clinic. You can also be on the go with the Vet Ambulance included in the collection. Also included in this collection is a garden area for the bunnies, a puppy training place, and a stable for the foal. This whole set only cost $44.95, and it also comes separate.

Vet Clinic includes: Mia doll, a cat, a dog, animal playground, a rolling trolley, Vet Clinic, and many accessories (cost $19.99)
Vet Ambulance includes: Emma doll, a hedgehog, Vet Ambulance, a stretcher, a bush with a slide, a feeding bottle, and bottle (cost $9.99)
Bunny and Babies includes: mother bunny, two baby bunnies, a garden enclosure, a ramp, gate, a water dispenser, a vegetable patch, and many accessories (cost $4.99)
Puppy Training includes: a puppy, a seesaw, a water jump, a tree, a doggy bed, and many accessories (cost $4.99)
Little Foal includes: a foal, a stable with doors, a fence, and a water trough, feeding bottle, hay brick, and a brush (cost $4.99)

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