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LEGO Friends Vet Collection


Have you ever wanted to become a vet? If you have, you should check out LEGO’s new collection! The Vet Collection is a new and fun way to take care of animals. The animals included in this set are a cat, dog, puppy, hedgehog, three bunnies (one mom and two babies), and a foal. Help Emma and Mia take care of all the animals in the Vet Clinic. You can also be on the go with the Vet Ambulance included in the collection. Also included in this collection is a garden area for the bunnies, a puppy training place, and a stable for the foal. This whole set only cost $44.95, and it also comes separate.

Vet Clinic includes: Mia doll, a cat, a dog, animal playground, a rolling trolley, Vet Clinic, and many accessories (cost $19.99)
Vet Ambulance includes: Emma doll, a hedgehog, Vet Ambulance, a stretcher, a bush with a slide, a feeding bottle, and bottle (cost $9.99)
Bunny and Babies includes: mother bunny, two baby bunnies, a garden enclosure, a ramp, gate, a water dispenser, a vegetable patch, and many accessories (cost $4.99)
Puppy Training includes: a puppy, a seesaw, a water jump, a tree, a doggy bed, and many accessories (cost $4.99)
Little Foal includes: a foal, a stable with doors, a fence, and a water trough, feeding bottle, hay brick, and a brush (cost $4.99)

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LEGO The SHIELD Helicarrier 76042

LEGO just revealed a brand new The SHIELD Helicarrier construction set based on the classic iconic vehicle in the first Avengers film! This set contains 2,996 pieces and costs $349.99. For ages 16 or older. Available March 2015.

Discover a world of mystery and adventure with the awesome LEGO® Creator Expert Detective’s Office, featuring unique elements and surprises. Take on the challenge of building this awesome LEGO® model of The SHIELD Helicarrier. Construct the flying aircraft carrier with 2 runways, microscale Quinjets, fighter jets and ground support vehicles. The set also comes with many of your favorite LEGO Marvel Super Heroes minifigures, plus 12 microfigures to display on deck and within the highly detailed interior. Includes 5 minifigures: Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill.

Includes 5 minifigures: Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill, plus an iconic SHIELD eagle stand to display them on
Features 3 microscale Quinjets, 3 fighter jets, a gasoline truck, 2 forklift trucks, 2 runways, 4 road blockades, armored exterior with translucent elements, detailed interior, plus 12 microfigures (Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and 8 SHIELD agents)
Also includes a detailed runway
Weapons include Hawkeye’s bow, Black Widow’s gun and Captain America’s shield
SHIELD Agent Maria Hill minifigure is new for spring 2015!
Includes a plaque with facts about The SHIELD Helicarrier
Add lights and spinning rotors to the Helicarrier with the 88000, 8883 and 8870 LEGO® Power Functions sets (sold separately)
Rotors can also be turned manually
Includes a display stand
Helicarrier measures over 11” (29cm) high, 31” (80cm) long and 17” (45cm) wide
Each Quinjet measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide
Minifigure stand measures over 4” (12cm) high, and 2” (6cm deep) and 6” (16cm wide)


Let the Terror Begin!


Supermassive Games! No I’m not talking about games that are massive; I’m talking about the company Supermassive Games. Heard of them? I have heard bits and pieces about this UK Company, but I’ve never really known them until now. Their new game Until Dawn is one that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It’s a horror game that is set in a hotel area. There is a psycho serial killer on the loose, and you and your friends are next on his hit list. What’s worse is that there is more than just a killer on the loose. There are also jump scares from ghosts, and other creepy creatures of the dark! Personally, I hate horror games. They scare me, and I could never play them. Even if it was high noon, and my friends were all around I still wouldn’t pick up a horror game to play, but this game is different. For some odd reason I want to give it a try! It is scary, horrifying, gruesome, or any other adjective that describes creepy. So, why do I want to try this game? Honestly, I have no clue it just seems fun. I am hoping that Until Dawn will be the game changer that makes me enjoy these types of games. The suspense, and horror are, from what I’ve seen, outstanding! Ready your nerves, and prepare for a horrific adventure because the fun is just about to begin in the crazy universe of Until Dawn! Until Dawn will be coming out for the PS4 only, and will be coming out sometime in 2015.

Until Dawn Gameplay:


LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse


There is nothing better than having friends in the world! Lego has created a LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse set. This detailed LEGO set lets you display or play with an ice cream store and a lighthouse. This set includes:

– 2 mini-doll figures (Kate and Stephanie)
– Seal
– Light house (2-story)
– Ice cream shop
– Attic
– Pier
– Row boat
– Rock

You can play with Kate and Stephanie in the ice cream shop or you can let them explore the ocean from the lighthouse. This set is easy to play with and it is for ages 6-12. You can combine this set with the rest of the LEGO Friends set and make a wonderful town that is filled with friendship.

Price: $39.99

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LEGO Ideas Birds


LEGO has created a new set called Ideas Birds. This new set is designed for anyone to display or play with three beautiful 3D bird models. This set comes with:

  • 3 detailed bird models: a Robin, a Hummingbird, and a Blue Jay
  • 3 Presentation stands with the birds scientific name
  • A Booklets about the three birds

The details from these birds might surprise you! Each bird comes from a specific country, and you can learn all about them from the booklet that is included with this Birds set. This set comes with 580 pieces to create these beautiful realistic birds. These amazing LEGO birds can bring nature to your house!

Find out where this set is in stock, check out LEGO Ideas Birds track from zooLert.



Nintendo New 3DS XL


Nintendo is releasing the New 3DS XL hand held console on February 13, 2015. This new console costs $199.99. If you want to know where it is in stock, check out zooLert Nintendo New 3DS XL tracker.

Nintendo New 3DS XL has face tracking 3D, new controls, built-in amiibo support, faster processing power and easy data sharing.

Face Tracking 3D

Using the inner camera, face tracking 3D provides an improved 3D gaming experience from a wider range of viewing angles compared to Nintendo 3DS. The New Nintendo 3DS XL system automatically adjusts the 3D “sweet spot” based on the location of the user’s face.

New Controls

The C Stick opens a new world to your games. With certain games, you can freely control the in-game camera to get a new point of view. And, new ZL and ZR buttons give you more options than ever.

Built-in amiibo Support

Tap an amiibo figure to the near-field communication (NFC) reader on the lower screen to enjoy amiibo features in compatible games. Get bonus items and content, customize your character, and more when you use amiibo figures (like Mario!) with amiibo-compatible games.

Faster Processing Power

Improved processing power allows for faster loading of applications, such as Miiverse and games. Plus the improved CPU performance allows you to enjoy faster speeds for downloading software*.

Easy Data Sharing

You can transfer your photos, music, and other files between a PC and your system’s microSDHC*** card via a wireless network. No need to remove the microSDHC card!

What’s Included:

  • New Nintendo 3DS XL Hardware
  • Stylus
  • 4GB microSDHC Memory Card
  • 6 AR Cards
  • Quick-start Guide/Manual




Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Force Trainer Uses Your Brain Waves

Uncle Milton - Star Wars Science - The Force Trainer II (1) (1)

Uncle Milton, one of the world’s most innovative toy companies that create products that inspire imagination and learning while encouraging kids to explore and discover the world would like to introduce you to the Star Wars Science-The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience. This is an amazing product that will suprise consumers as you use the power of your brain waves to move and control Star Wars hologram images. It truly does offer great technology, innovation, design and value!

Product Description:

With The Force Trainer II, you are the Jedi. Imagine that you could raise an X-wing from the Dagobah swamp just like Luke Skywalker, battle Darth Vader, or build your own lightsaber with just the power of your mind! These magical scenes are re-created through hologram images and a wireless headset with real brainwave sensors that read and interpret your levels of concentration. The more you focus, the more successful you are in using the Force to move and control the hologram image and successfully complete the Jedi challenge. The hologram images and Jedi Challenges come through an exclusive app included with the purchase of the product and powered by the user’s tablet device which projects these holograms into the unique Jedi training base. There are 10 different Jedi Training levels through which fans can advance from Padawan to Jedi Knight to Jedi Master, with instruction and guidance from Jedi Master Yoda. Additional Jedi Challenges will also be available for download on updated versions of the app as new Star Wars movies are released. The product is expected to hit retail stores in Fall, 2015 with an estimated SRP of $119.99.