Star Wars Battlefront 3


Battlefront is back from the dead! To all of you huge Star Wars fans out there this is amazing news! I have only begun to follow the Battlefront series this year, yet I am still extremely excited about this new game. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t come out until the holidays. Wait a minute? You are all probably thinking the holidays are already here, so why is that a bad thing? Well I never said 2014. Start Wars Battlefront 3 will be coming out during the holidays, but during the holidays in 2015. This means that we all need to wait another year before we can get to play this game. There are still a lot of questions circling Battlefront at the moment, and not much information has come out just yet. All we really know right now about the game is that it will be running on the incredible Frostbite 3 engine. This is the exact same engine used in the Battlefield 4 game, and for anyone who hasn’t played BF4 you are missing out. Buildings are collapsible, weather changes, and the environment around you can change the entire battlefield. I am extremely happy that Dice is working on the new Battlefront game. The Battlefield franchise was, and still is an absolute success. Hopefully, Battlefront will be just as good, if not better than the Battlefield series. It seems like next year is the rebirth of the Star Wars franchise. First the new Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens” will be hitting theaters, and then the new Battlefront game will be hitting the shelves of major Video Game retailers. Hopefully, I don’t explode due to a Star Wars overdose! I may be extremely excited about this game, but what about you? Post your comments down below letting us know what you think about the new Battlefront 3 video game.

Battlefront 3 Teaser:

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