Are You Ready For A Frozen Sequel? ‘Frozen 2’


Frozen, Frozen, Frozen! It seemed like all any little girl talked about when the movie first came out was Ana and Elsa. The movie Frozen was a huge success, and everyone loved the film. It was cute, well written, and great for little kids. Everyone loved the movie Frozen, and people are still enjoying new Frozen products, such as Ana and Elsa dolls. But I didn’t write this blog to talk about Frozen. I am writing this blog to talk about Frozen 2! Incase any of you are not processing this properly let me restate the last sentence, FROZEN 2! According to Idina Menzel, the voice actress for Elsa, a Frozen sequel is in the works, and she hopes that she will get a spot in the new movie. It looks like the Frozen craze is about to get another kick-start! I know for a fact that my younger sisters are going to be jumping up and down about this news, but what about you? Are you as excited for the Frozen 2 movie as we are? Comment down below, or let us know on Facebook!

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