LEGO Minecraft Crating Box


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Create, build, and destroy! You can do all of this over and over again with the new LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box. Minecraft is all about building your own creations, and so is LEGO. You can now take all of your Minecraft worlds that you’ve built online, and turn them into a real place. Build massive homes to protect yourself from the monsters that roam around, or build spooky caves to go exploring in. The Minecraft Crafting Box comes with a Steve minifigure, skeleton with bow, and a Mooshroom. There are other accessories such as a redstone, torches, plants, etc. The possibilities are endless with the LEGO Minecraft Craft Box. The only limitation is you. So, lets get building! The LEGO Minecraft Crating Box is for kids ages 8+, comes with 518 LEGO pieces, and is $49.99.

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