LEGO Minecraft The Cave Playset


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Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft! It seems like all the young little gamers’ talk about now a day is Minecraft. Even my youngest sister is absolutely obsessed with these block people. If your little critters are running around the house talking about how to properly build things with blocks then I guess all of us are in the same boat. Thank goodness LEGO has created a new LEGO Minecraft building block sets to satisfy this Minecraft craze! One of the new LEGO Minecraft building block sets is the Cave. The Minecraft Cave is filled with dangerous enemies like a zombie, and a spider! Help Steve escape the cave, but watch out because there is lava dripping down from the walls! Will Steve make it out alive? Or will he lose all of his items and spawn back in his bed? You can decide in the new LEGO Minecraft The Cave building block playset. This LEGO playset is for kids ages 8+, comes with 249 LEGO pieces, and is $19.99 MSRP.

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