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Minecraft lovers, get ready to expand your LEGO Minecraft universe! Six new LEGO Minecraft play sets are now available for you to mix and match! These play sets include The Cave ($19.99), The Farm ($29.99), The First Night ($39.99), The Ender Dragon ($69.99), The Mine ($109.99), and the Crafting Box ($49.99).

In The Cave, join LEGO minifigure Steve on his journey to gather valuable ores so he can fight off the Creepers and survive another night in the Minecraft world. The Cave play set includes dangerous minifigures such as the spider and a zombie who are there to prevent Steve from gathering more minerals. Besides these dangerous creatures, Steve also has to worry about the lavafall which are the orange LEGO blocks so watch your step! In addition, the set comes with accessories such as TNT and a pickaxe to help with the ore gathering and also a treasure chest with bread in it.

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Similar to The Cave, The Mine includes minifigures such as the spider, skeleton, the zombie, and the Creeper. The mine is full of valuable minerals perfect for survival however, there are plenty of enemies lurking in the mine at the same time. This set includes a minetrack with a minecart where Steve can zoom past the hostile enemies after securing his ores. To get the ore, this set comes with a pickaxe to slowly pick the minerals and TNT to blow up the walls for shortcuts through the mine.

If you are interested in The Mine LEGO set, check it out here.

With the LEGO Minecraft The Farm play set, help Steve secure a stable food supply while battling off the menacing minifigure, the skeleton, who is armed with a bow. This play set contains two minifigures, the cow and the sheep, crops such as wheat and carrots, a storage chest, a shovel, a helmet, fences, and a table where Steve can craft items to fight off the skeleton.

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In The First Night, help Steve create a shelter before night hits! This play set features two minifigures which are the Creeper and the pig. The goal in this LEGO playset is to create a safe home for your livestock and yourself before the sun starts to set. Once night hits, beware of the Creeper! This set includes a fence, a bed, an oven, a crafting table, and a chest. Additional accessories that are included are a sword, a pickaxe, and an axe.

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If you’re looking for a dangerous adventure, check out The Ender Dragon play set which features the deadly minifigure, the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon resides in the dimension known as the End where there is no return until the dragon egg is obtained. This play set includes three minifigures of the Endermen, accessories like the diamond weapon and diamond armor, and the sand island which is where the dragon egg to exit the dimension is located. The sand island has three obsidian pillars with regenerative crystals on top of them which is how the Ender Dragon is powered.

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The Minecraft Crafting Box is a LEGO set that provides the ultimate form of creativity because you can create your own Minecraft creation or you can use the LEGO pieces to expand other Minecraft play sets. Aside from LEGO building pieces, some additional accessories available in this set are the diamond pickaxe, the skeleton, the mooshroom, torches, TNT, and crops. This set comes with some picture examples of what you could build with the pieces in the Crafting Box as well as an awesome periodic Minecraft table poster!

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