LEGO Santa’s Workshop


For those who can’t wait for Christmas to arrive, LEGO has recently added Santa’s Workshop ($69.99, to its LEGO Creator Winter Village Series! With Christmas rapidly approaching, Santa and his elves are going to need some help in order to make their Christmas deadline.

The Santa’s Workshop LEGO play-set includes a detailed Christmas workshop that has a festive exterior and interior. Inside Santa’s workshop there is a fireplace and a seat for Santa where he can read his Christmas letters from children all over the world. There is also a table for the elves to prepare the Christmas gifts for delivery. The exterior of the workshop consists of colorful Christmas lights that are hung across the top of the entrance, a big clock, white roofs to represent a snowy Christmas, and a sign that says “Santa’s Workshop.”

Aside from Santa’s workshop building, this LEGO play-set also includes a conveyor belt for the elves to start manufacturing their toys. After the elves are done producing and wrapping the presents, the gifts are loaded onto Santa’s red and golden sleigh which is pulled by four reindeer.

This set also includes a Santa Claus minifigure, a North Pole sign, a Christmas tree, a Mrs. Claus minifigure with some Christmas treats, four minifigures of elves, and a baby reindeer.

If you’re interested in getting this LEGO Santa’s Workshop play-set, click here!


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