Mega Toothless Alpha Edition


You can purchase the Mega Toothless Alpha Edition at

It’s the biggest Toothless toy available. It is 23” of pure Night Fury power! This toy comes with one Mega Toothless that is extremely detailed, and movie accurate. For anyone who has seen the How To Train Your Dragon 2 movie then you will understand why his scales are blue. For anyone who has not seen the movie then all I can say is go and watch the movie because it is surprisingly good. Once you’ve seen the movie then you’ll understand why our charming little dragon has turned into an alpha dragon. This toy is the perfect collectors item. You can pose him, and hang him up. Collectors and toy lovers rejoice because the Mega Toothless is here! The Mega Toothless Alpha Edition is for kids ages 4 – 9, and is $42.99 at Amazon (price may vary).

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