Disney’s Frozen Party Game


You can purchase the Disney’s Frozen Party Game at amazon.com

Pin the tail on the donkey has been a classic party game for ages, but now you can pin the Nose on Olaf. If you are throwing a party for your little girl than the Disney’s Frozen Pin the Nose on Olaf will be a thousand times more appealing than pin the tail on the donkey. I mean what girl actually likes donkeys? Even as a young boy I always thought donkeys were kind of lame, but Frozen was a big success and almost everyone that I’ve talked to loves the movie. So, I would think that it is safe to say that pin the nose on Olaf is a better alternative. It looks like once again Olaf has lost his nose, and with your help he just might be able to get it back. This party game is for kids ages 3+, and is $11.00 at Amazon (price may vary).

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