Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion


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When it comes to card games I am usually not entertained. Ever since my sense of humor and interests have reached a more mature level I’ve slowly grown apart from silly things like board games, cards games, and other childish games. Now don’t get me wrong I still will play these games, but I just don’t get as much enjoyment out of them as I used to. Well I guess it’s a good thing Cards Against Humanity exists because this game is no ordinary card game. Cards Against Humanity is an extremely funny game that will make even the grumpiest people laugh. The cards in this game are funny, inappropriate, and a lot more suitable for older people. The Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion comes with 100 completely new cards, and 12 bonus blank cards. If you’re a person who enjoys creating crazy and hilarious sentences with wacky cards then Cards Against Humanity is the perfect game for you! Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion is for anyone ages 17+, and is $10.00 at Amazon (price may vary).

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