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LEGO The Movie MetalBeard’s Sea Cow 70810 Set

There has been many LEGO The Movie sets that have been released in 2014. But The MetalBeard’s Sea Cow 70810 is the biggest set of them all and is extremely exclusive, and hard to find. The set comes with an instruction booklet which contains close to 300 pages. The set also includes a whopping 2741 pieces. This set is for ages 14 or up. The booklet instructions details nine steps to completing the MetalBeard’s Sea Cow set. This set is a great way for kids to recreate some of their favorite scenes from the LEGO Movie, or imagine some more exciting adventures of their own. Purchase some other LEGO Movie LEGO sets and continue building onto your LEGO Movie world!

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Busy Barn Yard Shaped Floor Puzzle – 32 Pieces


Available on for $12.99

This Busy Barn Yard Floor Puzzle is a great way to keep your kids entertained and a great activity for kids during playdates, parties and more. When put together, the picture displays a barn yard with a tractor peeking out, and plenty of farm animals that are grazing, and walking around in front of the barn. The oversized puzzle pieces are great for little hands and younger kids. This toy allows kids to create, and build on their problem solving skills, as well they’ll be greatly pleased when they get to see their finished product!

For ages 3 and up


Teether Man Baby Toy


Available on for $7.99

This Teether Man Baby Toy is a great for soothing, comforting, and nourishing babies that are going through their teething stages. This teether has six different teething surfaces so kids will be kept entertained as they explore their different options. The silly face of this teether man is inviting and adorable and his soft middle is great for cuddling and holding. He also features two handles that kids can use to carry this teether around. A great comfort toy for kids during their teething stages, and an overall great cuddle buddy for kids, this Teether Man Baby Toy will be loved by kids.

For all ages


Let’s Play House! Fridge Fillers


Available on for $14.99

Playing pretend can now be more realistic with this Let’s Play House! This Fridge Fillers toy set is from This set features multiple play packages that encourages creative play. The size of the packages are a fun, small size, so they can fit in multiple play house kitchens. The containers are also easy to hold, open and close, and fill so children can realistically enjoy playing pretend. As well the packages of Deli Cheese and Deli Slices even feature pretend slices of food that you can further use to enhance your play. Prepare tons of fake delicious meals and expand your play pretend game of house!

For ages 3 and up


Water WOW! Fairy Tale – ON the GO Travel Activity


Available on for $4.99

This Water WOW! Fairy Tale–ON the Go Travel Activity is a great way to keep kids entertained while they’re on long car trips or plane rides. This Water WOW set is a no mess coloring pad that kids will enjoy using and you will enjoy letting your children use since you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after them. This set is easy to use, just pick a color pen you want to use and start coloring. There are four reusable pages so you can continue the fun and keep painting. Fill the pen with water and paint away, then let the page dry, erase it, and continue coloring again. The four reusable pages features a fairy tale theme so young girls will love fantasizing while painting. This makes a great stocking stuffer, or activity during playdates and parties, as well as an activity during long trips.

For ages 3 and up


XY Trainer Kit Pokémon Trading Card Game


You can purchase the XY Trainer Kit Pokémon Trading Card Game at

Pokémon has been a big hit for as long as I can remember. Pokémon games, TV shows, and apparel are all over the place. The XY Trainer Kit Pokémon Trading Card Game is a great way to begin your Pokémon trading card game journey. This kit comes with two 30-card decks, two guide game booklets, a 2-player playmat, and a deckbox for storage. These cards are great for trading, collecting, or playing. You can create amazing decks filled with legendary Pokémon, or you can build decks that have all of your favorite Pokémon. With the Pokémon XY Trainer Kit you can begin your journey into the realm of Pokémon. This playset is for kids ages 7+, and is $11.99 MSRP.


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch


You can purchase the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch at

This nifty little device may look like any ordinary kids watch, but don’t be fooled because the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is no ordinary watch. This watch, like most watches, has a digital and analog display. These displays come with over 50 clock face designs that your kids can rotate through. But what makes this watch so special is the fact that it has 4 different learning games, and a camera. The camera can take pictures on the go, or it can record videos on the go. This will make it easy for your kids to capture all of their favorite moments on their favorite watch. Learn, laugh, and save every single moment with the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch. The Kidizoom comes in four different colors (blue, pink, green, white), is for kids ages 3 – 9, and is $59.99 MSRP.


Linking Bee Baby Toy


Available on for $9.99

This Linking Bee Baby Toy is a great way for kids to enjoy their play time while simultaneously leaning. Kids will enjoy sorting, linking, and organizing the links on this bee. As well they can get creative and connect these links to other pieces. There are seven links in total that are different colors and shapes that will keep children entertained. The adorable bumble bee features a smiling face and bold stripes. This toy encourages hands on learning, creative building, and motor skills. This is a great toy for young kids that can get them to learn while also enjoying their playtime.

For ages 3 months and up


Magic the Gathering Khans of Tarkir Sealed Fat Pack


You can purchase the Magic the gathering Khans of Tarkir Sealed Fat Pack at

If you are looking for a good way to start your own Magic the Gathering Khans of Tarkir deck then the sealed fat packs are the way to go. Fat packs come with nine booster packs. These booster packs come with 15 cards. There are 11 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, and one rare card in each pack. With every pack you open you have a chance to receive a rare card like Planeswalker Sarkhan. The fat pack also comes with 80 land cards, one life counter and guide, two deck boxes, and one storage box. So, not only can you expand your decks by opening booster packs, but you can also create other starter decks with the extra cards you receive. War has begun on Tarkir and it’s time to assemble your armies with the Magic the gathering Khans of Tarkir Sealed Fat Pack. The sealed fat pack is $40.00 MSRP, but can be bought at Amazon for $33.24 (price may vary).


Cards Against Humanity Complete Bundle Set


You can purchase the Cards Against Humanity Complete Bundle Set at

If you’re looking for a fun time with your friends and family then the Cards Against Humanity Complete Bundle Set is the perfect card collection for your. With 4 different card boxes to rotate through you will never get tired of playing these cards. No game of Cards Against Humanity will ever be similar because of all the diverse cards in each deck. These cards can create extremely hilarious sentences, or they can create wildly inappropriate sentences. All of these cards are great for anyone 17 years or older, and is $62.98 at Amazon (price may vary). Every party can turn into an all out word war with the Cards Against Humanity Complete Bundle Set.