Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone


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Is it a spider? A Gun? A drone? In fact the Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone is not option A, B, or C. It is D all of the above! This crazy new remote control beast will add a new style of combat to your Nerf battles. First of all the TerraDrone is remote controlled. This means that no one will be put in the line of fire when trying to set up the TerraDrone. But what makes this drone so deadly is its ability to shoot darts. This drone can move it’s head up and down, and it can rotate its head 360 degrees. This means that the drone will always be able to hits its target. The drone also has the ability to shoot 12 elite darts up to 45 feet! This will surely make your enemies go screaming back to their bases. It’s not a spider, it’s not a drone, and it’s not a gun. It’s the Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone! The TerraDrone is for kids ages 8+, and is $79.99 MSRP.

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