Frozen Elsa Deluxe Halloween costume


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Summer is almost over and that means that fall is right around the corner. Now, most adults like you and me think school, school supply shopping, warm cloths, heating bills, and so much more, but the first thing that usually hits our kids is Halloween! Halloween is a festival that celebrates spirits, ghouls, and other scary monsters that roam the night. But who says that you need to dress up as a scary monster for Halloween? For most of my childhood I dressed up as a hero who would slay these evil beasts, and my sisters would dress up as princesses. Halloween may be a time to get your scary on, but it is also a time for our kids to dress up as their favorite animated characters like Elsa. The new Frozen Elsa Deluxe Child Halloween Costume is perfect for those huge Frozen fans. This Elsa costume has tons of snowflake designs, and is a perfect icy blue color. But what will get your little girls to fall in love with this costume is Elsa’s tiara. Her tiara completes the dress and will make any young girl feel like a princess. Halloween is coming and any Frozen fans will be delighted to have the Frozen Elsa Deluxe Halloween costume for their Halloween night.

This costume is for kids’ ages 4 – 12, and the price may vary from $26.56 – $40.69 at Wal-Mart.

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