LeapFrog LeapBand


You can purchase the LeapBand at leapfrog.com

Can your kids be a bit lazy sometimes? Have you ever just wanted them to get up and be active? If you have then the new LeapFrog LeapBands are the perfect toy for you. The leapBand is designed to get your kids to be active. It has a built in tracker that will give your kids points for staying active. There are over 50 different healthy habits that are both fun and challenging on the LeapBand. These challenges may include getting your kids to leap like a frog, wiggle like a worm, or hop like a Kangaroo. These bands are designed specifically for kids, and can easily slip around any kids’ wrists. You can also pick from three different colors (blue, green, and pink). What are you waiting for? Summer is the best time for your kids to get active with the new LeapBands by LeapFrog! Each LeapBand is $39.99, and is for kids ages 4 – 7.

LeapFrog LeapBand Video:

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