Zoomer Interactive Puppy

You can purchase Zoomer the Interactive Puppy at walmart.com

Zoomer is back, and this time he is smarter, funnier, and just as easy to train! The updated Zoomer comes with twice as many tricks! This will allow your kids to interact with Zoomer for twice as long because unlike most interactive toys Zoomer requires training, and training requires time. But my all time favorite feature about Zoomer is the fact that he acts like a real dog, but he is not as messy as a real dog. Most dogs shed, go to the bathroom, and tear apart furniture, but Zoomer doesn’t do any of that stuff (Zoomer does pee, but without the actual mess). This makes it easier to train and interact with you Zoomer toy. So what are you waiting for? Zoomer is looking for a new home, and you are the new best friend he is looking for! You can preorder the Zoomer Interactive Puppy at Wal-Mart for $99.97 (price may vary).

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