Zoomer Interactive Puppy, Shadow


You can purchase Shadow at walmart.com

Are you ready to meet another one of Zoomer’s friends? Shadow is another smart, funny, and lovable robotic dog that can instantly win you over. Unlike his name, Shadow doesn’t hide away in the dark all day. He likes to play, and he likes to interact with the environment around him. After you’ve gotten used to your new Shadow puppy you can begin training him! You can teach shadow to sit, roll over, chase his tail, and so much more. There are endless possibilities with Shadow. You can teach him new tricks, play with him, and love him like a real dog. But, what makes him even better than a real dog is that he leaves absolutely no mess. Shadow is a robotic dog. That means that he cannot shed his hair, rip apart your furniture, or pee on your carpets. If your kids have been dying to have a puppy, but you don’t want to clean up after it then Shadow is the perfect toy for you because he acts like a real dog, but doesn’t make a mess like a real dog. You can purchase Shadow at Wal-Mart for $99.97 (price may vary).

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